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contatti direzione

Dott. C. M. Wanda


What has she done

From the age of 4 I follow the dream of doing theater, let do theater, live theater. In life I always did this, everywhere it was possible. With schools, with sheltered houses, in theaters, in circuses, on the street.
Educator, promoter and human resource development, professional clown, coach, director, who has been in charge of the board of directors of the federation of street art since 2011, and director of Wanda Circus's chapiteau. Now I'm here.

What she does in the project

She creates networks of knowledge, relationships, she builds situations, and plans the paths that the goals can be achieved. The labs she deals with are Touch Clown for teachers and operators, circus playing for childhood and primary school.


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chi siamo zhour anou

Zhour Anou


What has she done

Of dual Moroccan and Italian nationality, graduated in classical studies with direction law, represents an active and profitable moment of social integration. In fact, she has covered the role of cultural mediator for schools in the province of Lucca.
She is currently a member of the Auser Filo d'argento Association, with reuse and lack of food projects. Lover of European cuisine and culture, having her part of our group is an unexpected gift.

What she does in the project

Organizational secretariat, database, archive of the exhibition.


chi siamo sandra parlanti

Sandra Parlanti

Organizing secretariat

What has she done

1997/2002 Promotion of reading in libraries and nursery and primary schools with animated and dramatized stories (project ... ”La valigia viaggiante” “Una valigia piena di libri” … “
2000 Entrance to the Park of Pinocchio as the creator of the "caravan of the Fairy" with micro magic and stories by Pinocchio inside; after a few years he founded the Soc. Nasolungo with which he conceived and managed all the activities inside the Pinocchio Park in Collodi; ludic-educational workshops for schools and visitors, shows on the history of Pinocchio, events in Italy made by the Naz Foundation. C.Collodi, until 2016, when he undertook "face painter" studies and is now here with us.

What she does in the project

Organizing secretariat.

chi siamo giancarlo castrucci

Giancarlo Castrucci

Theatrical technician

What has he done

He has always been a passionate of theater, and has always been faithful to the Rassegna. With his colleague Claudio Citti he founded an Association: "Quelli che il teatro", with whom he is involved in maintenance and technical department.

What he does in the project

Theatrical technician.

chi siamo alberto fontanella

Alberto Fontanella

Super tecnico olè

What has he done

Our Alberto Fontanella, for all SuperTecnicolé, has performed since the age of 16 on the stages of Piacenza and its province as a singer of Haulin'ass band, that for thirteen years plays original pieces of punk music. In the meantime he is dedicated to various types of juggling, with balls, clubs, contact ball, balance and his great passion, the diabolo. He undertakes his career in 2007 as a technician, making international tours with major clowns and acrobats such as David Larible, Avner the Eccentric and many more. From 2011, he is stage director and juggler of Karakasa Circus in the acrobatic show "Home Sweet Home", which tours in 7 European countries for two years and more than 120 replies. In 2013 he appeared on television in several episodes of the RAI 3 "Circus Summer 2013" program. From 2014 he also performs as a street artist. He is among the artists who play on the stage of St. Mark's Square during the Carnival of Venice and goes on stage of the historic Zelig of Viale Monza in Milan with the performance Quanto Basta of the company QB Trio, directed by Carlo Maria Rossi. Since 2008 he has been working with Juggling Techniques at the University of Milan. From 2013 he is juggling and theater teacher for children students at Theater and Circus Arts School of the Manicomics Theater in Piacenza.

What he does in the project

Workshops of "Stage - learn the art and put it aside", the children learn the art of theater behind the scenes. "Juggling elements" we activate the attention and coordination by merging it with the transition of time. Theatrical technician, street show.

chi siamo gemma fazzi

Gemma Fazzi

Responsible for social projects

What has she done

Enthusiastic for female artistic artisanship, she is currently president of user filo d’argento val di serchio. She is currently working on social projects such as: the food solidarity network, the reuse - free distribution of clothing to families, the market of reuse - acting to fund these projects.

What she does in the project

She will work together with Norma Pescio in the construction of theatrical tailoring with reuse clothes.

chi siamo jochen wenz

Jochen Wenz

Web Designer

What has he done

He has been a juggler, comedian, comedy actor, street performer, event organizer, web designer and a graphic designer.

What he does in the project

WebDesign and Social Marketing.