● Workshop "Laughing hurts. If you stop" 10/11 MARCH 2018

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● Workshop "Laughing hurts. If you stop" 10/11 MARCH 2018

● Workshop "Laughing hurts. If you stop" 10/11 MARCH 2018
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"Laughing hurts. If you stop"

Laughing is a "litmus map" of a person's psycho-physical health. When laughing increases in quantity and quality, life improves, when it is absent for a long time the quality of life is noticeably affected. Laughing is so healthy because it is the final act of a very short path that has seen us somehow protagonists, marveled and interested in the world, renewed in the possibilities to live it. The workshop offers many practical experiences alternated with some theoretical reflections. The group will be accompanied in a succession of games to break the tensions, to test immediately qualities and disposability, aimed at giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves for what they are, through the mirror of laughter. The games will be physical, movement, improvisation, narration, using the word, gestures, sound or silence.

chi siamo michele algani

Conducted by
Michele Galgani

Dott. Michele Galgani, psychologist, psychotherapist and psycòmico.
Born in Lucca, graduated in working and organizations psychology at the University of Padua, specializing in psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute in Florence.
He completed a post-graduate degree in Body Work at the Gestalt and Body Work Institute in Cagliari.
He received the 2nd level Master in Palliative Care for Psychologists at the University of Bologna.
Since 2002 he has been a trainer, gaining a wealth of thousands of hours of training in the most varied contexts and with different sizes and characteristics.
Since 2006 he has been a private psychotherapist for individuals, couples, families and groups.
Since 2007 he has been working with the Gestalt Institute of Puglia and with the Gestalt Institute in Florence and with I.B.G.W of Cagliari.
In 2006 he created the In Riso Veritas course with which he touched many cities and contexts of Italy, realizing at the moment more than 30 editions.
From January 2008 he works as a palliativeist psychologist at the Hospice Aurelio Marena of Bitonto.
In 2008 he has published his first volume “Ridendo si impara”, edizioni L’Età dell’Acquario, Torino.
In 2010 he published his second volume “Sto con Te. Accompagnare sé stessi e gli altri verso la fine della vita”, edizioni L’Età dell’Acquario, Torino.
In the same year, the same training course was held in several editions in Apulia and Tuscany.
From April 2013 to June 2016 he was a supervisor at "Ridolina", a clown volunteer association based in Lucca.