● Workshop "Theater as technology of the sensitiveness" 24/25 FEBRUARY 2018

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● Workshop "Theater as technology of the sensitiveness" 24/25 FEBRUARY 2018

● Workshop "Theater as technology of the sensitiveness" 24/25 FEBRUARY 2018
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"Theater as technology of the sensitiveness"

"Theater Practice - Education"

If the eye does not exercise, it does not see.
If the skin does not touch, he does not know.
If a uman does not imagine, it goes out.
(Danilo Dolci)

The theater as sensitivity technology is an operational training workshop centered on theater interpreted as a game, animation and creativity, elements considered increasingly important in education but needing to find a more stable and organic space in school experience. Every good educator knows how important it is to propose to guys and girls a theater for the realization of real experiences of knowledge, made of relationship and reflection. Together with teachers and operators, we will define and experience educational theater practices in school and social experimentation with the experience of the scene and related languages first. A useful way to understand the value of the theatrical experience as a moment of knowledge and exercise of communication that can also affect the personal professional itinerary.
At the end of the workshop, an open work demonstration is foreseen.

fabrizio cassanelli

Conducted by
Fabrizio Cassanelli

After the formation at the Academy of Dramatic Art and in Jacques Lecoq's school in Paris, on the wave of the theater of civil engagement that characterizes in the 70s Italian culture, he has joined the work of actor with intense work of exchange with masters, artists and pedagogues by consolidating his artistic and educational research related to the world of infancy and adolescence. His work has been distinguished over the years for designing specific educational methods of civil engagement. In addition to being a director, actor and playwright, he was among the initiators of the Italian children's theater, he collaborated with the Educational Cooperation Movement, the Department of Education at the University of San Marino, the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Bologna, the University of Bressanone, the University of Siena, the Italian Society of Relational Psychotherapy and Agita National Association for the promotion and research of theatrical culture in school and social work. In recent years, in addition to the production of shows for new generations, he is working to develop and transmit new theatrical methods for inclusive and non-violent education to all those, who from applied theater to education can take new motivation to enrich their professional role through the use of new languages ​​and educational designs based on Research - Action in School, Social work and Territory.

letizia pardi

Letizia Pardi
Actress, director and trainer

An attractive and versatile actress, since the '70s, she is formed through intense exchange work with important poetry and mastery. Fundamentals are the encounters with Marisa Fabbri, Alessandra Galante Garrone, Judith Malina of the Living Theater, Iben Nagel Rasmussen of the Odin Teatret. Her artistic career develops over time by privileging the research and sharing of a theater of civil engagement and theater for new generations, a sector in which, besides being an actress, she is distinguished as a director and trainer by interweaving her experience with actors, actresses and artists of the nation's leading theater companies. She has been an initiator and a historical component of the artistic center of the Città del Teatro di Cascina, for thirty years of active citizenship, art, culture and education open to the public of all ages. Currently, in addition to continuing her research as an actress, along with some historical travel companions, she is committed to develop new ideas for a younger audience for a theater that is opposed to emotional illness and intolerance and to design and broadcast new models of theatrical training to support legality, the protection of rights, reciprocity and the sharing of an inclusive theater, a tool for dialogue, reflection and social growth.