● Workshops during the Rassegna

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"Touch Clown"

Two hours, for a meeting between rugby and clown ... what will pop out?

contatti direzione

Conducted by
C. M. Wanda

From the age of 4 I follow the dream of doing theater, let do theater, live theater. In life I always did this, everywhere it was possible. With schools, with sheltered houses, in theaters, in circuses, on the street.
Educator, promoter and human resource development, professional clown, coach, director, who has been in charge of the board of directors of the federation of street art since 2011, and director of Wanda Circus's chapiteau. Now I'm here.



chi siamo marco quirino

Marco Quirino

Educator and coach and sports coach in rugby discipline, business consultant. Ma university of Bologna and commercial director, unwillingly involved in comedy shows. He is now here with us.




"Two balls in the air"

"Juggling elements”, we activate the attention and coordination by merging it with the transition of time

chi siamo alberto fontanella

Conducted by
Alberto Fontanella

Super Technician. Graduated in Entertainment Science in Milan, assistant of Alessandro Serena, he works as a technician for the best international circus theater companies such as Circus e Dintorni & David Larible. He is now here with us.



"The great classics"

Greek Theater Workshop. A careful study of the text, the historical framing and the psychological implications will be at the base of each workshop that will end with the try of dramatization. For each stage, a classic theater text will be examined.

chi siamo anna e paola jenco

Conducted by
Anna e Paola Jenco

Dancers and choreographers, specialized in dance therapy with the passion of Greek theater. Where did they dance? Anywhere! They currently run the "Jenco" dance school in Viareggio and cooperate with us.



"Garden Stories"

Outdoors encounters of aloud reading.

chi siamo daniela bertini

Conducted by
Daniela Bertini

Teacher, trainer, actress graduated from Enza Conte's School "Il Grattacielo". Graduated in Theater History, artistic director of the company "Il gabbiano", reader, studious of literature for the childhood (Advanced Courses at the Faculty of Education Science in Florence), expert in animated readings, creator of promotion projects at reading for Comprehensive Institutes in Tuscany, a member of the LaAV High School Aloud Reading in Pisa Writer and a nationwide trainer included in the LaAV trainers, mom (of two teenagers) and wife. In short, a lot …


"Crossing over"

In biology there is a phenomenon called "crossing-over". When the chromosomes of an organism are joined to those of another organism to give birth to a new being, one thing happens: they break in multiple points, swap the pieces and then join, creating new chromosomes. They do not just make one more: they mix and then add up. Nature tells us something here: mixing is good. Here, in this case, we take the nature as an example, and we propose a laboratory based on mixing and then on hospitality. Because if we want to exchange pieces, we must be ready to give something, but above all to accept what the other has to offer.

chi siamo mirtilla pedrini

Conducted by
La bottega del teatro

Luca Barsottelli, Serena Guardone, and Mirtilla Pedrini graduated in Pisa in humanistic disciplines and then began an actor training, which is why they met. In 2009 they founded La Bottega del Teatro, a cultural association devoted to the dissemination of pedagogy and theatrical art in Versilia. They deal with theatrical training for children, teenagers and adults and in schools of every order and degree and their work is recognized in the national scene of Educational Theater. Since 2015, they are the Artistic Directorate of Invasioni, a research theater festival in Forte dei Marmi. They collaborated and collaborate with the Verdi Theater in Pisa, with the Company of the Sacchetti di Sabbia in Pisa and with Parma's Teatro delle Briciole. Both as a group and individually they work as drama actors, story telling and object play. And now they are here with us.

chi siamo serena guardone






chi siamo luca barsottelli






"Watch and see, in the kitchen with Chiara"

How to carefully evaluate each "ingredient" of the watched / played show.

Participating in a theatrical show as a spectator means sharing a strong emotional experience; as we can prepare for the vision, what we expect from this experience are the aims that this workshop is aiming for.
Educating a conscious view of what the actors and the filmmaker proposes are the basics for us to be able to read the solicitations that are being proposed by us in a critical way.

- Know and recognize the most common live entertainment communication techniques
- Learn through practical experience the difference between watching and seeing
- Create a teaching tool to support the Laboratory participants

Presentation of activities and collective discussion on words to watch / to see with projection of significant shows that will show different types of performances proposed to a young audience: shadow and object theater, word music interaction, unconventional space usage, presentation of the characters, text structure in contemporary dramaturgy.
Collective discussion on the vision of the proposed show.

chi siamo chiara mori

Conducted by
Chiara Mori

Actress and director from Modena has been in theater since 1978. She has worked as an actress in important companies both in experimental theater and in children’s theater in Italy and France. In 1996 she translates and publishes in Italy the writer Martinique Xavier Orville with a project sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic. Her training path in the field of creativity applied to school projects has brought her on our way, and she is here with us now.


"Ap - prendo"

Interaction between educating to "educate" to theater. Experiment with the structure of the "journey" through the multiple expressive and artistic languages, in order to promote the formation of "evolving" personalities.


chi siamo anna maria girani

Conducted by
Anna Maria Girani

Born in Pavia, but livingn the province of La Spezia where for over forty years she has been teaching pedagogy, diversity, educational theater and "artists”. She organizes Conferences, Events and Spectacles.
In service at ISA 21 - since 1986 - she has been involved in the role of Inclusive Instrumentation and Educational Success - Assistant Professor - Director and Referent of Theatrical Laboratories of the Institute.
In 1993 he founded the Compagnia "Quelli che il teatro ...", the Cultural Theater Association of which she is Director and President.
Since 2014 she has headed the Laboratorio teatraLIS - Progetto Provinciale in Rete di Scuole.
She is a member of the ARTISTIC YOUTH FORMATION of the F.I.T.A - Federazione Italiana Teatro Amatori.

"I sew and I sew again"

From the dress to the scene costume. Tailoring and costume workshop with recycled clothing. The purpose of the lab is to provide tailoring as well as giving new life to disused clothes.

chi siamo gemma fazzi

Conducted by
Gemma Fazzi

Enthusiastic for female artistic artisanship, she is currently president of user filo d’argento val di serchio. She is currently working on social projects such as: the food solidarity network, the reuse - free distribution of clothing to families, the market of reuse - acting to fund these projects.